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Patent pending technology that, for the first time, makes easy the organization of elections in open networks without compromising the secrecy of the vote or the verifiability of the result.

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No over or under voting. Voter anonimity guaranteed algorithmically. Massive coercibility and vote-selling are not possible.

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No loss of votes even in face of numerous failures. Information is always replicated.

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Code is open-source to allow external inspection and auditing. All data is made public after the election so that anybody can verify results.

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Our solution makes use of less lines of code and resources than other solutions. So, less things can go wrong.

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Igloovote in two minutes

Video explaining in two minutes the idea behind Igloovote product.

Igloovote demo

A video showcasing the use of our technology to vote in a simulated election.

Igloovote presentation

An animated slideshow illustrating some concepts about the project.

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