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Why Igloovote


Safeguard privacy of voters

Securing data in a server is a hard task where even the most powerful companies fail. The problem disapeears if there is no sensible data to safeguard.

"Sony pays up to $8m over employees' hacked data" BBC NEWS
"Ashley Madison, a Dating Website, Says Hackers May Have Data on Millions" New York Times
"Hacking of Government Computers Exposed 21.5 Million People" New York Times

Make your votings invulnerable to attacks

Voters join automatically to form independent clusters of voters. Every cluster makes an independent voting. The result from every cluster is signed by every voter and stored in the server. Nobody can falsify the results without knowing the private key from every voter. Even organizers and we, the creators of the software, are unable to do it.

Safer than any other voting system

Paper ballots Centralized online voting Igloovote
Dishonest voters      
Dishonest authorities      
Hacker attack      
  Low impact/severity risk -> Doesn't require resource & audit expenses
  Medium/low impact/severity risk -> Requires trivial resource & audit expenses
  High impact/severity risk -> Requires maximum resource & audit expenses


Risk/reward balance is disheartening for attackers

In an election important economic interests can be involved. The greater the interests involved, the bigger the resources that attackers could involve. the bigger the resources from the attackers, the bigger the resources needed to defense against possible attacks. In an election that makes use of Igloovote, the attackers know the maximum they can achieve is cancelling or invalidating the election. They can't falsify results and so, no reward is possible

Specialized personnel costs are diluted

Given that security doesn't rely on persons supervising the process, a lot of expenses are unnecesary compared to other voting methods. Because of the low rewards to possible attackers, safeguard resources only need to focus on maintaining the infrastructure operative.

Service in the cloud with no initialization costs

If you want to organize an election, you only need to provide us the census and the list of available options to vote. The voters will make use of the already available infrastructure, including our servers, data visualization software, and our apps for Android and iOS.


Available for any smartdevice

It works on any modern browser, including desktop computers, smartphones and tablets. If you want to use it in mobile devices you can also make use of our Android and iOS apps that make easier to operate in these platforms

Organize elections in hours, not weeks

Thanks to the fact that you don't need to involve specialized professionals following an strict protocol, like it happens with other methods, the time needed to organize an election is severely reduced.

More reasons

Online voting increases participation rates

Online voting is environmentally friendly

People with reduced phisical capacities are not discriminated